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06 March 2013:  

Our online home has undergone a little winter cleaning. We hope you find our webpage easier to navigate. You can now peruse our online catalog either by viewing our products catagorized by type; or, by industry, which is a listing of the products typically used in each industry.

These catalogs are a listing of our most commonly used products. We manufacture additonal products as well and we are always creating new products and formulas to service the needs of our customers. At this time, we do not sell any of our products online. So, if you do see something you like, please feel free to fill out an online request for information or to give us a call (please mention the website!).

We'll still be working to improve the website during the coming months and are doing everything we can to speed up the response time of the site. Please bear with us while we undergo these improvements and let us know if you have suggestions!

fresh from the lab...

27 December 2012:  

A new addition to the Eaton product line, our Anti-Graffiti Coating 9090 is a non-sacrificial, one-component elastomeric coating developed to coat any surface at high risk of being tagged by your local graffiti artist.

Unlike many other sacrificial anti-graffiti coatings, Eaton's economically sound Anti-Graffiti Coating 9090 does not need to be replaced as part of the graffiti removal process. After the coating has been applied, graffiti tags can simply be removed with a pressure washer.

This coating also provides UV resistance, making it the perfect solution for coating outdoor murals and artwork that is susceptiable UV damage.